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This weekly instructional skateboarding program is for girls and women and will run very similar to our morning skateboard camps offered when school is out. The program is open to skateboarders of all ages and ability levels. Riders will be split into small groups based on experience first, age second. For your reference:

  • Brand New: Literally no skateboarding experience
  • Beginner: Minimal skateboarding experience at home or at public skateparks but not yet comfortable enough to navigate open skate at 3rd Lair
  • Intermediate: 100% in control and comfortable riding your skateboard in a skatepark setting. Knowing how to drop in is helpful but not required
  • Advanced: For riders who are fully comfortable riding in a skatepark setting, can drop in on most ramps, and have the basics perfected.

For this 5 week program, participants can count on being with the same group for the duration (unless they are "bumped up" due to big progression breakthroughs). We will be using our clinic "station rotation” system so that all riders will experience all areas of the park we have to offer throughout the program.

Dates: Mondays July 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, Aug 5th (6pm - 8pm Daily)

If you are looking for a weekly program that is meant to help your skateboarding skills develop in a fun, peer learning environment, then this program is for you.

We are committed to providing the best instructional skateboarding experience possible.  In this effort, we do ask that you do a few things that will ensure your participant has a fun time at clinic.
  1. Please make sure you bring a real, functioning skateboard to clinic.  It is important that the board rolls smoothly and turns properly.  I
    1. f you purchased your board at a skateshop or other store that specializes in action sports, you should be good.  
    2. Boards purchased at big box discount stores, sporting goods stores, and often Amazon tend to not work so great.  In our experience, kids who try to learn on these types of boards struggle to keep up due to the low quality of their equipment.  More often than not, they internalize this as their own lack of talent/ability which hurts their confidence and ultimately their overall experience with skateboarding.  
  2. Helmets are required for all riders, full pads are highly recommended.  
    1. This includes knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.  
    2. In our experience, kids who wear full pads progress at a much faster rate, have a much lower rate of injury, and because of those things, have a more enjoyable experience with skateboarding.  
    3. Just remember - skateboarding is very physical and falling down often is unavoidable so it is always best to be protected.
  3. Make sure you bring a refillable water bottle every day.  It gets very warm here and we will be working hard so staying hydrated is key. 
  4. Please administer any necessary medication prior to arriving at the park
  5. Please wear pants or tall socks.
  6. Closed toe athletic shoes are required.
  7. Please take a few minutes to complete a waiver for your child.  Even if you think/know you have one on file, we ask that you complete a new one anyways.  This will help make the check-in process go much smoother which means we can get to the fun stuff (riding) quicker.  You can complete a waiver here:  https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/531f0a89952d5/web/