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This Skateboarding Clinic is strictly for adults.  Weather you are brand new to skateboarding, coming back from some time away, or just looking to improve your skills, we have you covered. 

In this clinic, riders will be split into smaller groups based on incoming experience.  Groups will spend time each week rotation throughout the various zones of the skatepark and will work with a different instructor in each zone.  Our goal is to help you progress, stay safe, and have fun.

We are a group of lifelong skateboarders and have been teaching skateboarding for over 20 years.

Dates: Tuesdays July 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, Aug 6th

We are committed to providing the best instructional skateboarding experience possible.  In this effort, we do ask that you do a few things that will ensure you  have a fun time at clinic.
  1. Please make sure you bring a real, functioning skateboard to clinic.  It is important that the board rolls smoothly and turns properly.  I
    1. f you purchased your board at a skateshop or other store that specializes in action sports, you should be good.  
    2. Boards purchased at big box discount stores, sporting goods stores, and often Amazon tend to not work so great.  In our experience, kids who try to learn on these types of boards struggle to keep up due to the low quality of their equipment.  More often than not, they internalize this as their own lack of talent/ability which hurts their confidence and ultimately their overall experience with skateboarding.  
  2. Helmets and full pads are highly recommended for all riders.  
    1. This includes knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.  
    2. In our experience, people who wear full pads progress at a much faster rate, have a much lower rate of injury, and because of those things, have a more enjoyable experience with skateboarding.  
    3. Just remember - skateboarding is very physical and falling down often is unavoidable so it is always best to be protected.
  3. Please wear pants or tall socks.
  4. Closed toe athletic shoes are required.
  5. Please take a few minutes to complete a waiver.  Even if you think/know you have one on file, we ask that you complete a new one anyways.  This will help make the check-in process go much smoother which means we can get to the fun stuff (riding) quicker.  You can complete a waiver here:  https://waiver.smartwaiver.com/w/531f0a89952d5/web/