Session Times March 4 - 6, 2022

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This weekend we will be hosting the 2022 King of the Groms Youth Skateboard Contest which will interrupt open Skate.   

Please see session details and restrictions below

Friday March 4:  Contest Practice Day / Registered riders skate free all day.

  • 10am - 1pm:  Special bonus session for contest participants only
  • 1pm - 4pm:  Session open to all
  • 4pm - 7pm:  No bikes 
  • 7pm - 10pm:  No bikes

Saturday March 5:  Mini Ramp and Bowl Competitions.  These ramps will be closed to the public leading up to and through the event.  Mini ramp will run in the morning/early afternoon.  Bowl will run in the afternoon/evening.

  • 8am - 1pm:  Park available to registered contest participants only. 
  • 1pm - 4pm:  No bikes
    • Mini ramp closed for the contest early, bowl will close at 2pm.
  • 4pm - 7pm:  No Bikes
    • Bowl closed for the contest
  • 7pm - 10pm:  No open skate sessions available
    • The park is reserved for contest participants and their friends/family only.

Sunday March 6:  Street Competition.   The street course will be closed to the public all day until awards are completed.  We anticipate this will be around 4pm - 5pm or so.

  • 8am - 1pm:  Park available to registered contest participants only.
  • 1pm - 4pm:  No bikes
    • Street Course Closed
  • 4pm - 7pm:  No Bikes
    • Street course closed until the contest is complete

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