Hours, Rates, and Memberships


  • MON:  NOON - 7PM
  • TUES:  NOON  - 7PM
  • WED:  NOON  - 7PM
  • THURS:  10AM - 7PM
  • FRI:  NOON - 7PM
  • SAT:  10AM - 7PM
  • SUN:  NOON - 7PM




    • MON:  NONE
    • TUES:  1PM - 4PM / 4PM - 7PM
    • WED:  1PM - 4PM / 4PM - 7PM
    • THURS:  10AM - 1PM / 1PM - 4PM
    • FRI:  1PM - 4PM / 4PM - 7PM 
    • SAT:  1PM - 4PM / 4PM - 7PM 
    • SUN:  1PM - 4PM / 4PM - 7PM


    Click here to sign a waiver today to expedite your check-in experience

      Open Riding Rates 

      Regulars:  $15.00/session

      Members:  $5.00/session

      *Session Notes

      • New Riders are required to fill out a waiver before participating
        • Sign our online waiver for free here
        • Pricing is based on our pre-defined sessions.
        • Helmets are required for all riders under age 18 - bring your own.


        Other Stipulations

        • Limited to 75 participants per session 
        • We recommend booking in advance here.
        • Parents are encouraged to drop off/pickup rather than hang out to help reduce the number of people in the building
          • If your child is young enough to need constant adult supervision, please stay and supervise them.  
        • Waivers must be filled out prior to entering the park.  Click Here to Sign
            • We encourage everyone to complete a new waiver even if you think yours has not yet expired.
          • No rental equipment is available
            • Helmets are required for all riders under age 18 - bring your own
          • Everyone is required to wear a face covering at all times while on our property.
          • Please maintain 6ft social distancing at all times
          • If you feel ill stay home
          • If you have even a slight fever, stay home 

         Frequent User Memberships Are Available Here or call (763) 797-5283

        All Memberships are on pause and will be extended by the length of time we are closed once we re-open.

        If you ride at 3rd Lair more than 12 times per year a membership will save you money.

        • Membership fee is $120/year ($80 for six months)
        • Memberships activate the day they are purchased
        • Lifetime Memberships are available for $500
        • Check out these Great Membership Perks
          • Get $10 off your admission each day you ride.
          • Get 10% off your purchases in the shop (not valid on already discounted products)
          •  Get Discounts on special events and camps
          • Access seasonal member only sales and specials