Summer Series Championships at the MN State Fair

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Welcome to the 2018 Summer Series Championships –
We are very excited to announce the 2018 Summer Series Championships in conjunction with the MN State Fair.  This will be the seventh year we have been able to host this event at the fair grounds and we know that like last year; it will be a memorable experience for all.  Below you will find all the details you will need to ensure your participation in this great event:


  • The Registration Fee for this event is $25.00 ($20 for members)
  • There are only 21 spots available in each division - first come first served.
  • Pre-Registration is required and due by Friday Aug 24.
  • Your registration fee will get you the following:
    • 2 tickets to the 2018 MN State Fair 
    • Access to the MN State Fair Course for 2 Practice Sessions leading up to the Fair
    • Your chance to become the 2018 Summer Series Champion in your specified age group/division.

Practice Days

  • Practice days will be Mon & Tues Aug 20 & 21, 2018 from 4pm – 6pm. These times will be strictly enforced as we have a lot of prep work and demo practice that will also need to be done.

Contest Days

  • The summer series championships will be held from Mon Aug 27 – Wed Aug 28, 2017 at the MN State Fair.
    • Mon Aug 27, 2017 –Beginner championships and Girls Championships
    • Tues Aug 28, 2017 – Intermediate Championships
    • Wed Aug 30, 2017 – Expert Championships
  • Check in on competition day will be from 9:30am – 10:00am
  • All Riders are required to be checked in and ready to go no later than 10:00am.
  • Mandatory Riders meeting will happen from 10:00am – 10:30am on competition day
  • Warm up will be available from 10:30m - 11:30am
  • Competition will run from Noon – 3pm on Competition Day


  • The championship event will include a qualifier round and a final
  • We will be utilizing a 3-min jam format for qualifiers with no more than 3 - 4 riders on the course at a time.
  • Top overall riders from the Jams will go to finals and will get two, 1 minute runs (best run counts) to determine the final placing.

Waiver:  A hardcopy waiver will need to be signed prior to your participation in this event.  This waiver will be available onsite on practice and competition days.  If you are under age 18 we will need your legal guardian to sign.  Waivers need to be signed onsite in front of our staff so make sure to bring your legal guardian with you - there are no exceptions so plan accordingly.

Rules:  The MN State Fair is a great opportunity to skate a venue that only a handful of the top MN Skateboarders normally get to ride.  3rdLair has been doing demos at the fair for 18 years and we rely on your co-operation to ensure we are able to continue to offer this opportunity to future riders.  The following are a list of rules you must follow if you choose to participate in the 2018 Summer Series Championships:

  • Helmets are required for all riders always. Please bring your own – we will not have rentals available. 
  • Waivers are required for all riders –This must be signed in front of a 3rdLair Staff member by you and/or your legal guardian (if you are under age 18) – No Exceptions.
  • Mrod will let you know when you can ride the course – if he has not specifically said you can skate, do not skate.
  • Never ride your board anywhere on the fair grounds except within the fencing of the SkatePark.
  • Professionalism is mandatory – we will not tolerate a bad attitude including swearing, throwing skateboards, or any other disrespectful behavior while on the fairgrounds.
  • Be on time – we have a tight timeline that these events need to be completed within.
  • On practice days, you are only allowed to practice during the specified practice time
  • Skate within your own ability – There are always un-avoidable risks associated with skateboarding. We ask that you be smart and skate within your ability to maximize your own safety and the safety of others.
  • Have Fun – remember why we all skate in the first place. This is some of the most fun stuff we get to do so soak it in and have a blast. 
 We are very excited to host this great event at the MN State Fair and hope you can all be a part of this opportunity.  If you have any questions please contact:
 Mark Rodriguez /  612 702 2245 /Park:  763 797 5283  3rdLair SkatePark & SkateShop /Twitter:  3rdlair / Instagram:  3rdlair

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