Twin Cities Open Recap

Posted by Mark Rodriguez on

We wanted to say thanks again to everyone who made Twin Cities Open an event to remember.  We had 62 riders from all over Minnesota and beyond, representing all ages and abilities, show up to celebrate skateboarding.  We witnessed a ton of amazing tricks, on the spot progression, and endless smiles.  People often ask us why we do what we do and the answer is very simple.  Skateboarding is special.  For those who participate in this community you already know.  For this yet to discover it, know this:  skateboarding means community, discipline, respect, creativity, hard work, and so much more.

As part of the event we were able to give out a ton of prizes donated by companies who care.  We would like to thank the following for their generosity and dedication that means so much to skateboarders across the globe:

Anti Hero - Krooked - Spitfire - Thunder - Independent - Baker - Girl - Bones - Welcome - Andale - Happy Hour - Rush - Obsolete - Creature - Real - OJ - Bro Style - Cliche - Adidas

Here are some great heat and awards photos - recap video coming soon.




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