Skateboard Camps

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The 3rd Lair camp program has been a part of MN action sports development for over 20 years. We are the originals, offering the most experience, the most well trained instructors, and a proven reputation for success.  Instruction is based on ability level and we cater to individual needs.  All ages and skill levels are welcome.
  • Small group instruction (8 - 10 kids per group)

  • Groups are based on experience level

  • Camp runs from 9am-noon daily

  • All ages welcome


  • 8:30am – Doors open for drop off

  • 9am - 9:15am - Morning Board Meeting

  • 9:15am - 11:50am – Small group instruction

  • 11:50am-Noon – Camp wrap up Board Meeting.


Afternoon Open Skate 
During morning camp, 3rd Lair Skatepark is closed to the public.  After camp the park opens for open skate and campers are encouraged to stay after and practice the skills they are learning during camp.  There is an additional fee of $15 +tax/session ($5 + tax/session for members) to stay after camp for open skate.
All participants are required to have a waiver signed prior to participating in camp.

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Please keep in mind that during open skate hours, participants are free to come and go as they please.  If your child is young enough that they need adult supervision please plan to stay at the skatepark and supervise them.  We are a staffed facility but do not supervise individuals while they are participating in open skate.  


Click here to sign a waiver today - this will expedite your check-in experience 

    Other Stuff

    • We have a limited amount of rental equipment available so participants who have it should bring their own. If you are unsure if your equipment (helmet, pads, skateboard) is appropriate for skate camp, please do not hesitate to use ours. All rental equipment is included in the camp fee.
      • A quality, functioning skateboard is required. 
        • If you purchased from a skateboard shop you will be good to go.  Boards from Target, Walmart, Sports Authority, etc. will not allow your rider to learn and progress in a safe or efficient way.
      • A Helmet is required 
        • Bike helmets will work
      • Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are highly recommended.
        • Full pads is always best because in skateboarding we fall a lot, this is how we learn
        • Students who use full pads tend to progress faster with less injuries and are therefore more likely to continue on with skateboarding.
      • Tall socks are recommended
      • Packing a snack and breakfast recommended
      • Pants are always recommended over shorts but if it's too hot to wear pants, try to wear shorts that cover your knees
      • Wear approriate shoes (close toe'd shoes e.g. sneakers)